LTL Service Guide

Making sense of it all


LTL is "Less than Truck Load" Freight.

  • LTL shipping is the ideal solution for orders too big for parcel service such as the Unites States Postal Service, FedEx Express, or UPS Ground, but not big enough to hire a dedicated tractor trailer.
  • The ideal LTL shipment is 1-6 standard 40" x 48" pallet spaces.
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  • Macher has negotiated discounted rates with both National and Regional LTL carriers.
  • National carriers include YRC, FedEx Freight, UPS Freight, Old Dominion, Estes Express and more.
  • Regional carriers include Pace Motor Express, Crystal Motor Express, Benton Express and more.


Transit Times

  • The carriers publish the average number of days it takes them to move freight on any given lane.
  • The day of pick-up, weekends, and Federal Holiday's are not counted as transit days.


Standard vs. Guaranteed Service

  • Standard service is based on the carrier's average transit times for any particular lane.
  • Standard service does not guarantee freight will pick up or deliver on the date quoted.
  • Guaranteed service does guarantee that freight will deliver by close of business on the last day of the published transit time.
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Expedited Service

  • Need freight delivered before the published transit date? Expedited Service is for you.
  • The carriers will  allocate the equipment and personnel needed to get your freight to its destination faster than the standard transit time.
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NMFC and Freight Class

  • NMFC (National Motor Freight Classification) is a numeric commodity code used by all LTL carriers.
  • Freight Classes are associated with each NMFC and indicate the fragility and/or value of the commodity.
  • Macher Logistics knows that classifying freight can be very complicated. We have people on staff who excel at finding the best NMFC and Class match for your freight. Please contact us for assistance.


Volume pricing

  • Sometimes customers order more than 6 pallets of product. Volume Pricing is a market spot quote for the additional trailer space. Please contact us if your order is more than 6 pallets or more than 12' of trailer for a free, no obligation quote.



  • Accessorials are extra services provided by the carrier for a fee outside of a regular business to business, dock to dock shipment.
  • They include but are not limited to lift gate service for customers without loading docks, appointment deliveries, and residential service.