Tips and Tricks

how to make ltl work for you

The mission of Macher Logistics is to ensure that your freight gets to where it needs to be on time and intact. Here are a few tips we feel are most useful to make sure you're getting the best service for you and your customers.


When you book a load a BOL will be generated for you to print out to be attached to the freight for the driver to sign. Not using the Macher Logistics BOL is the number one issue for delayed freight and improper billing. The BOL is a legal document required by the Department of Transportation for all commercial freight that lists the shipper, consignee, freight description, and responsible paying party. It is must be tendered to ensure the carriers honor your discounted rate quote. Think of it like a 60-80% coupon on retail price.


schedule your pickups a day in advance

While it is not always possible, please try to schedule your orders one business day in advance. Standard LTL service is the most cost effective way to transport orders by allowing multiple shippers to share the cost of a single trailer. Since standard LTL service is not guaranteed due to the trailer's capacity, scheduling early will allow the local dispatcher to plan the driver's route and make sure there is enough room on the trailer for your order.


provide a full freight description

NMFC numbers and freight class are required for all LTL shipments. Some other useful information to include on the BOL is a general commodity description, special markings on the freight if any, and the shipping dimensions. Contact us if you need any assistance determining your NMFC and class.


read the terms and conditions

Before booking your first order please print a copy of the Terms and Conditions for your records. They identify the responsibilities of Macher Logistics, the shipper, consignee (receiver), and the carrier from pickup through delivery. It also includes very useful information about the carriers' standard cargo insurance liability to protect you and your customers in the event of damage or loss.

When in doubt, give us a call

Freight management can be confusing and we are here for you to make sense of it all. We are committed to providing you with the best possible information and service. If you have any questions about our offerings, the carriers, and their capabilities, or anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.